Amazing and Best Treatment for Acne that Brings Results Fast

Amazing and Best Treatment for Acne that Brings Results Fast Posted on July 3, 2017

There is no complete escape from acne though you can manage its symptoms and prevent it from spreading on a larger area of your body. You need to combine two or three methods for practical and best treatment for acne. The most famous methods applied for treating acne are as follows:

Blood Purifiers

Purifying blood is an ancient best acne treatment for cleaning the skin from acne and for this purpose different sorts of drinks are consumed. Bitter herbs and vegetables like bitter gourd have always been used to make drinks and consumed in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Water is a good blood purifier and if mixed with lemon and consumed two to three times a day it works as the best treatment of acne. If you are unable to consume bitter drinks due to their strong bitter smell and taste, go for lemon mixed water.

Avoiding Triggers

There are foods that trigger acne. Spices, caffeine, alcohol, red meat, fatty foods, junk foods and excessively sweet dishes trigger acne. You need to quit some of them like alcohol and caffeine while the other things, reduce their consumption to the least possible amount.

Maintain Good Metabolism

Good metabolism means chemical reactions in the body to take place at an ideal speed with the renewal of cells and best maintain of organisms in the body. These lessen the acne! Your good metabolism owes to exercise, healthy living habits like sleeping early and waking up early in the morning, for example. No best treatment of acne works excellently without regular exercise and good metabolism.

Keeping the Skin Clean

Oily skin suffers from the acne the most. Applying make-up on oily skin can be disastrous for acne especially if left for a longer time. The pores get closed with make-up products and the oil in the skin causes more acne. Use homemade skin cleansers regularly as they are nutritious for your skin and are harmless. Lemon juice mixed with gram flour (besan) is the best paste to wash your face with every day especially in summer. Remove the make-up with a good cleanser and wash your face with this paste.

Using Homemade Tips as Best Treatment of Acne

Try these homemade remedies. Apply some pure honey mixed with lemon juice and rose water on your face once a day and wash it after an hour. This is a proved, best acne spot treatment. If your skin is dry add a spoon of milk as well in the mixture. Honey and garlic are cleansers and have anti bacterial effects. Mix honey with half of its amount of fine paste of fresh garlic and apply on your skin and wash after half an hour. Prolonged use of these two treatments averts growth of more acne by killing bacteria and at the same time work as best acne scar treatment. Gradually, the scars and spots disappear.

If you combine the 5 methods mentioned above you get the best treatment of acne that is incomparable to any expensive medicine. Basically, acne is not a disease or illness. It is only a skin condition which appears for a short period in life and can easily be controlled with self care.