How to treat back pain

How to treat back pain Posted on July 3, 2017

Wondering how to treat back pain? Don’t have any solution to the problem you are facing with your back? There are lots of back pain treatments that can alleviate your back pain for good. So, if you want to know how to treat back pain, here are 3 top cures that you should know.


If you do not know how to treat back pain and are looking for your resort then the first choice solution for you should be ‘Yoga’. There are many yoga poses that are known to help with back pain and two most famous of them all are child’s pose and pigeon pose. Let’s dig a bit deep into these,

You may seem to be resting, but this pose is a kind of active stretch which helps in elongating your back. It can also serve as the best de-stressor before going to bed after a long and tiring day.

For this, you should start on your all fours and stretch your arms straight right ahead of you. Now sit back in a way that your butt muscles (glutes) are made to rest right above the heels while not touching them at all. Take 5-10 breaths while holding your position. Repeat this as much as possible for a soothing stretch that can relieve back pain.

If you’re a newbie then pigeon pose may prove to be a bit challenging for you. It stretches the hip flexors and rotators. You may not feel it to be the best choice for treating back pain, but your tight hips may be a contributor towards lower back pain.

Keep your feet together and start in the downward-facing dog position. Now draw the left knee in forward direction and bend your leg in a way that it becomes almost perpendicular to the right knee. Now lower both your legs to ground. Your back leg can simply be kept straight right behind you. Keep yourself in this position for 5-10 breaths and switch to other side after that. Repeat this as needed.


Those who suffer from chronic lower back pain often ask how to treat back pain. Well, massages have been reported to offer back pain relief inside 10 weeks. If you have muscle-related back pain, like because of tight hamstrings, then a massage therapy is worth giving a try.

It is being widely accepted now by medical community and is regarded as credible back pain treatment for different kinds of such pain. It can also be used in addition to other treatments as well. According to research, there are several potential benefits one can get through massage therapy to get rid of back pain. These can include:

Increased flow of blood and circulation that provides required nutrition to tissues and muscles. It helps in recovering muscle soreness that is caused due to any physical activity.

Decreased muscle tension. Relaxing your muscles will help in improving flexibility and reducing pain that is caused by the tight muscles. It can even improve your sleep.

Increased levels of endorphins. These are the mood enhancers that can make you feel good by easing anxiety and depression. In turn, they help in reducing pain and recovering speedily and are particularly significant for those who experience chronic neck or back problems.


According to a study, patients who received acupuncture as a back pain treatment showed improved symptoms compared to those who went for conventional care.

Many people who don’t know how to treat back pain that has gone chronic have found that acupuncture can help a lot with the condition. However, there is mixed scientific evidence for supporting these claims.

When you opt for acupuncture to treat back pain, it requires thin needles to be inserted at different depths into some strategic points in your body. Studies have shown that it helps with relieving back pain.

So, if none of the other treatments have been found effective and you don’t know how to treat back pain, acupuncture is worth giving a try. However, if your condition is not improved inside few weeks then rest assured that you are in need of something else.

If you are looking for answers on how to treat back pain, the aforementioned treatments should be the top choice for you. You’ll find them effective to relieve your condition for sure.