Pinpoint Hemorrhage and Stop It with Natural Cures

Pinpoint Hemorrhage and Stop It with Natural Cures Posted on July 3, 2017

Hemorrhage signifies external and internal bleeding and it could often be serious and life-threatening. A person suffering from hemorrhage experiences blood loss from any part of his body. External hemorrhages are visible but internal hemorrhages are not visible and they occur in the body in the liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines. A case of internal hemorrhage could be a matter of life and death for an individual. Both external and internal hemorrhages could be cured from traditional medicines as well as natural home-made recipes. The natural solutions help to slow the flow of blood and reduce pain.

Let’s consider the ways of pinpointing hemorrhage and stopping it with natural cures

Identifying Hemorrhage

Check your body for the presence of blood

The first sign of a hemorrhage is the presence of blood and the rate it is expelled from your body. If the amount of blood flow from your body is high, it is a case of severe hemorrhage whereas a small blood trickle signifies a less serious injury. Lookout whether blood is being vomited If you vomit blood, it is an indicator of bleeding in your stomach. In case the blood appears to be dark, it is a sign of being accumulated in stomach for quite a lot of time. Moreover if there is blood in your stool, it indicates bleeding inside your stomach.

Test urine for the presence of blood

You must test your urine for the presence of blood. Blood in the urine could be a sign of bleeding from your kidneys. Besides it could be a sign of bleeding from your kidneys. Moreover it could be a urinary tract infection or blood ejecting from broken blood vessels due to strenuous activity.

Seek out excess bruising

Try to find out excess bruising and loss of mobility in your joints as they are the signs of internal bleeding in your joints.

Pay heed to the headache symptoms

Pay heed to symptoms like vomiting, loss of vision, sudden headache, or loss of other motor skills. These indicate internal hemorrhage.

Stopping Bleeding With Natural Cures

Make use of cayenne pepper

You could usecayenne pepper for stopping external bleeding and slowing down the rate of internal bleeding. If it’s an external hemorrhage, seal your wound with cayenne pepper. The pepper will form a covering and will stop the bleeding. But for internal hemorrhage, include this pepper with your food for slowing down the rate of bleeding.

Take Yunnan Baiyao capsules

If you have recently undergone a surgery, you can take Yunnan Baiyao capsules thrice in a day for slowing down your bleeding. It is also recommended to open the capsule and apply its powder to your external hemorrhages. This ancient herb provides a great remedy in case of emergency. But you must visit your doctor at the earliest convenience after seeing the hemorrhage. Include Phosphorus supplements

You could include Phosphorus supplements in your food to get rid of internal bleeding, bleeding ulcers and nosebleeds. However, excess intake of phosphorus is harmful and so you must talk to your doctor regarding a supplement that will best suit your requirement. The natural sources of phosphorus are fishes, yogurt, eggs and nuts.

Drink plenty of alfalfa juice

Alfalfa is used in several home remedies as it is rich in the content of vitamins and minerals. You must drink plenty of alfalfa juice that could be prepared easily in the blender by adding fresh herbs. Alfalfa helps to strengthen your blood vessels and help in blood clotting. If you drink this juice on a regular basis, you could prevent hemorrhage and bleeding disorders.